Toyota 4 Runner/Hilux/Surf

1987-1998 of release

Repair and operation of the car

Toyota 4ranner
+ 1. Maintenance instruction
- 2. Maintenance
   2.1. Specifications
   2.2. Arrangement of knots and units
   + 2.3. Frequency of maintenance and types of procedural works
   2.4. Intensive service
   + 2.5. Check of level of liquids
   2.6. Check of tires
   2.7. Check of level of liquid in automatic transmission
   2.8. Liquid level in system of a hydraulic actuator of a steering
   2.9. Replacement of oil in the engine and an oil filter
   2.10. Care of the battery
   2.11. Check of the cooling system
   2.12. Check of a condition of the hoses located in a motor compartment
   2.13. Screen wiper brushes
   2.14. Shift of wheels
   2.15. Check of a suspension bracket of a steering
   2.16. Greasing of a running gear, suspension brackets, steering and details of a body
   2.17. Check of an exhaust system
   2.18. Check of level of oil in a manual transmission
   2.19. Check of level of oil in a transfer case
   2.20. Check of level of oil in a reducer
   2.21. Check of seat belts
   2.22. Check of covers of half shafts
   2.23. Zolotnik of ventilation of a case
   2.24. The filtering element of the air filter
   2.25. Belts of the drive of hinged units
   2.26. Check of fuel system
   2.27. Check of wear of brakes
   2.28. Check and adjustment of pedals of coupling (brake)
   2.29. Replacement of candles
   2.30. Check and adjustment of gaps in valves
   2.31. Replacement of the fuel filter
   2.32. High-voltage wires, runner and cover of the distributor
   2.33. Care of the cooling system
   2.34. Naves and bearings of forward wheels
   2.35. Replacement of liquid in automatic transmission and the filter
   + 2.36. Oil replacement
   2.37. Check of a tank with an absorber
   2.38. Valve check of system of recirculation
+ 3. Engines
+ 4. Systems of heating, ventilation
+ 5. Fuel and exhaust systems
+ 6. Transmissions
+ 7. Transmission elements
+ 8. Brake system
+ 9. Suspension bracket and steering
+ 10. Body
+ 11. Electric equipment
+ 12. Electroschemes

2.6. Check of tires


Types and causes of wear of a protector of the tire

1. Insufficient pressure in tires
2. Lateral wear of a protector
(Insufficient pressure in the tire)
(Deformation of disks or tires)
(Wear of steering drafts or pendular lever)
(Wear of details of a forward suspension bracket)
3. Wear because of an elevated pressure in tires
4. Cross angular wear because of the wrong convergence of wheels
5. Uneven wear because of violation of a convergence of wheels or a corner of a longitudinal inclination of an axis of turn

Check of depth of a protector

Check of pressure in the tire



1. Care of tires is reduced to check of depth of a protector, pressure in tires (it is checked on cold tires), to identification of traces of abnormal wear and damages by which it is possible to determine a condition of details of a forward suspension bracket and a steering.
2. In case of pressure drop in the tire tighten a gate zolotnik.
3. If air through the gate does not pass, establish a leak place, having sprayed the tire soap solution.
4. Regularly delete the stones or sharp subjects which got stuck in a protector. Periodically remove wheels and clear external and internal surfaces of a disk of dirt. If there are doubts concerning consequences of any found damages, address for consultation in a shinoremontny workshop. Rearrange wheels with the specified frequency (see subsection 2.14).