Toyota 4 Runner/Hilux/Surf

1987-1998 of release

Repair and operation of the car

Toyota 4ranner
+ 1. Maintenance instruction
+ 2. Maintenance
+ 3. Engines
+ 4. Systems of heating, ventilation
+ 5. Fuel and exhaust systems
+ 6. Transmissions
+ 7. Transmission elements
+ 8. Brake system
+ 9. Suspension bracket and steering
- 10. Body
   10.1. Maintenance and repair of a body
   10.2. Vinyl finishing
   10.3. Upholstery and rugs
   + 10.4. Repair of insignificant damages of a body
   10.5. Repair of considerable damages of a body
   10.6. Loops and locks
   10.7. Windshield and motionless glasses
   10.8. Cowl
   10.9. Latch of the lock of a cowl and cable
   10.10. Forward lattice
   10.11. Bumpers
   10.12. Facing panel of a door
   10.13. External mirror
   10.14. Door
   10.15. Forward wing
   10.16. Door of a cargo compartment
   10.17. Glass of a door of a cargo compartment and window regulator
   + 10.18. Glasses of doors
   10.19. Window regulator
   10.20. Lock clamp, switch of the lock and door handles
   10.21. Casing of a steering column
   10.22. Central floor section
   10.23. Panels of forward facing of salon
   10.24. Panel of forward facing of salon
   10.25. Air inlet lattice
   10.26. Seats
+ 11. Electric equipment
+ 12. Electroschemes

10.12. Facing panel of a door

Removal and installation

1. In the cars equipped with the electric drive of windows, disconnect the battery from weight.
2. Remove the window regulator handle (on and/m without electric drive). For this purpose get a cord under the handle and get a lock ring, with a force having pulled for the ends of a cord (to pull in the direction specified by shooters).
3. Remove the handle from a window regulator shaft.
4. Take caps, turn out 2 screws (are specified by shooters) and remove an armrest.
5. Unscrew the screw of the internal handle.
6. Displace the handle forward and get from facing.
7. Unhook the handle from draft.
8. Remove the window regulator switch, having carefully hooked the panel and having disconnected the socket.
9. Unscrew the fastening screw under a mirror.
10. Unscrew screws from the top back party of facing of a door (1–8 latches).
11. Remove facing of a mirror (if it is provided) and carefully take 8 latches fixing facing of a door.
12. For a detachment of latches insert the tool between a framework and facing.
13. Facing of a back door fastens 2 latches on forward and back end faces of a door, 2 screws in a middle part and 7 latches on edge of facing.
14. For access to door mechanisms carefully remove the water filter.
15. For removal of the screen get two condensing plugs (are specified by shooters).
16. If the screen during removal is damaged, stick anguishes with an adhesive tape or replace. Track safety of consolidation on a screen contour.
17. Installation is carried out upside-down.
18. Track that all screws of facing were wrapped and all latches are inserted.
19. If the screen does not stick to a door in separate places on a contour, slightly grease these places with silicone sealant.